Star Wars

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Hair: Whitney Wickham

Make-Up: Whitney Wickham

Costume: Whitney Wickham

Staff: Whitney Wickham and Max Zaenker

Photos: Steve Kaminski, Kaminsky Kandids


This costume I am most proud of. If I could play any character every day it would be Rey. I feel her and I are kindred spirits which is odd considering she lived on a desert planet named Jakku and scavenged for years. But her ability to put things together creatively and solve problems under pressure is very much like my every day. I love this character more than any I have portrayed and continue to work on her costume, updating, and making it more accurate everyday. I look forward to showing her progression.

Furthermore, being a huge Star Wars fan, one would expect that Princess Leia would be my first choice. I watched Return of the Jedi every weekend, and no, not for the Eewoks. While they are adorable and awesome all at the same time, I loved watching Leia on that speed bike! But rather than portraying Leia to start, I chose Rey because I feel her and I are more closely suited for each other. The Star Wars Saga continues to grow and I look forward to seeing how these stories progress.