Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins

Photo: Kailey Brown

Dress: AYM Cosplay

Hat: Kailey Brown and Whitney Wickham

Wig: Restyled by Whitney


Mary Poppins is hands down my favorite live action Disney character. I have loved her since I can remember. She was my everything as a child and I often would wish that she would come to my home to play games all sorts.

When I was four years old a candy nerd was stuck in my ear which got behind my eardrum and infected. Sounds terrible I know. Well after many doctor’s attempts to retrieve the object I finally was required to have it suctioned out. I remember the entire time screaming that I wanted Mary Poppins as my mother stood there holding my hand. It continues to be a running joke.

I found it only fitting to portray my favorite lady of the Disney screen when I reached an age for it to be appropriate. She still brings magic to my life and I hope she does to you as well.