Photo: NW Indiana Times

Wig: World of Wigs

Dress: Whitney Wickham

Make-Up: Whitney Wickham

Photo: Maegan Glass


Frozen Fever is not a joke. This movie swept the world and continues to be a storm for children and adults everywhere! In two years these characters have not slowed down. No wonder Elsa ended up with a cold on her sister’s birthday!

Elsa has to be one of my favorite characters to play. She is like a Rock Star everywhere she goes and she is completely different from me as a person. It is nice to be something different. She has a killer song, which is a blast to sing, and I have to admit I tend to lean towards the belt songs anyway. Elsa is another character who is never really done for me. I am always working on a new bodice, a new skirt, a new cape, and have an arsenal of 6 wigs in my collection just to keep this popular character up to par!

New photos of the completely new 2016 re-vamp coming soon!