Photo: Max Zaenker Wig: Whitney Wickham Headband: Whitney Wickham Ear Rings: Whitney Wickham

Wig: Whitney Wickham

Make-Up: Whitney Wickham

Photo: Max Zaenker

Dress: Unknown Costumer


Cinderella has been told in every culture of the world, and while the western culture has latched onto the Disney version of this true of heart maiden, her story expands past this label. I chose my own take on the character, picking a wig shade which would fit my skin tone rather than what would be accurate to the actresses in the theme parks or that on screen. To me this would make my portrayal of the character more realistic.

I chose to portray Cinderella simply because of her difficulty. She really is a simple cosplay to those who fit the character, but for me, she is not a natural choice. The challenge of the wig and make-up to make me look as close to the character as possible, while looking realistic was much more difficult than one would expect. I was up to the challenge and feel I have finally met that goal of making this character, in my portrayal, realistic. I am constantly and forever improving and hope to continue improving this characterization over time.