Photo: Max Zaenker Wig: World of Wigs Dress: Osman’s Ear Rings: Whitney Wickham Make-Up: Whitney Wickham

Wig: World of Wigs

Make-Up: Whitney Wickham

Dress: Osman’s

Photo: Max Zaenker


Belle was one of my favorite characters growing up. Being that I was interested in acting and particularly musical theatre, the way the music was written into the story to be like a Broadway production made me instantly fall in love! I truly believe my love for the French may have spurred out of my love for Beauty and the Beast!

I have attempted many times to create a wig as beautiful as what World of Wigs can produce for this character. I am happy to say I love this wig and highly recommend them! As to the dress, it was a wonderful find through a web search and I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality. After a year of wearing it, I finally decided to make this dress into two pieces. I hope soon to have photos showing this work as I feel it even better represents the character. I also have since added jewels into each rose on this dress to give an extra bling.

Belle is a goal of mine to one day make a ball gown for her. She is extremely complicated with some dresses taking up to 20 yards of fabric for the skirt alone! She is no easy task and is certainly daunting for any sewing machine!