AYM Cosplay dress now retired from collection
AYM Cosplay dress now retired from collection

Photo: Noah Zaenker (Age 5)

Dress: AYM Cosplay

Make-Up: Whitney Wickham

Wig: Restyled by Whitney Wickham


Aurora was always my sister’s favorite character and quite frankly while I found her very pretty I could never quite get into her, until I grew up that is. The variations of her costuming around the world are something to behold. Everything down to added embroidery, sleeve styles, bang styles, and dress colors makes this character fun to constantly work on. Out of all of the Princesses Aurora certainly has the most beautiful renditions in my opinion.

The difficulty of styling her hair to that iconic look was a challenge I was ready to accept. As I learn and adapt my wig styling techniques, Aurora’s wig style will soon change as well. I look forward to one day creating my own dress for her as I have my own variation design locked away in my head.